Guangzhou S-Zone Electronic Ltd.(China)
ChinaSun 21st October 2018

We have professional and precise trade experience for many years.
We have innovative and quick thought design development team.
We have a kind and responsible sales team.

We own a factory covers an area of 1000 square meters ,and an exquisite craftsmanship and ingenuity production team

We are young and fill with energy, all of us are the generation after 80s.
We own the most unique feature products and individuation one-for-one design service .
We devote ourself to provide the most fashionable and high quality products for customers from all over the world.
We are fast forwards the aim
S-Zone Electronic Co., Ltd established on May 20th, 2008, which is a joint stock company and owns independent legal capacity.
Our company specialized in developing and supplying protector cases and skins for game console, cell phone, tablet PC, and other electronic products accessories. All products we supply including of protector cases and leather case for NDSL / NDSI / NDSI XL / 3DS / 3DS XL etc, skins for game motherboard for DS, PS, xbox etc, and cases and skins, leather case for iPhone 3G/4/4S/5, Samsung i9100/i9300/N7100, Black berry 8700/8900/9700/9800, HTC etc, also protector cases and skins for iPad, kindle series. And, game and repare accessory, MP3,MP4,MP5 etc. We have variety kinds of products meanwhile with reasonable price.

Since established, our company put customer's benefit in the first place from beginning to end.
"Reputation first, mutual benefit, win-win " is the unique management aim for our company.
We win our customers' trust for the credibility, integrity, quality we have, and also various kinds of products and catchpenny principle.
Our company will always operate basing on international trade practice and domestic industry standards to win good business reputation and good word of mouth in same industry.
S-zone wins a lot of oversea and domestic stable clients' trust for good service and cogent reputation. The reason why these companies choose us is that they aim to working together with our professional strength to achieve "mutually beneficial, and win-win" situation.
We will always combine the service quality and integrity together all the time. With good service and professional business knowledge we will get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh for the products for providing the most satisfied production and processing, business, import and export commodity agent and logistics service.

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